Politics around the world is flooded with misinformation peddled by those driven by self-interest. Propaganda is an attempt to make you, the voter, their puppet.  

Highlands East is voting for a new council on October 22nd.  Make sure your voice is heard by voting!!

But make sure your voice is based on the truth.    

Short-Term Accommodation 

You've heard a lot about short-term accommodation regulation in Highlands East.  Some true, some not.  Here are the facts about where it currently stands:

  • Short-term rentals is a contentious issue facing municipalities around the world. It has developed quickly and many municipalities are working hard to understand the needs of their communities. 
  • In 2016, our Council appointed a task group representing the main stakeholders to look into this issue.
  • The task group recently reported back recommending a simple licensing by-law for Council to consider, which was brought to a public council meeting on August 29th.
  • There was much public concern about the effects such a by-law as well as the task group membership.
  • Council voted unanimously to put the by-law on hold for further public consultation and to add membership to the task group.
  • The Council that is formed after the October elections will be responsible for carrying this forward in the way it sees best.  However, it is an issue that must be addressed one way or another.  Under our outdated zoning regulations, short-term accommodation is not permitted in most residential zones.
  • The by-law as proposed is a work in progress.  It was put to the public by Council as part of their endeavour to understand the needs of the community.  
  • After the election, the task group will expand its membership (how remains to be determined) and to reevaluate their recommendation in light of the public feedback.
Some important facts for you to know:
  • Current council and members of the task group are unanimously supportive of short-term rentals in the municipality.  Our local economy heavily depends on it.
  • No member of council is trying to "push through" the short-term accommodation by-law. No decisions will be made until council is confident that the needs of the municipality are being met.
Timothy James